Glomad For Providers How It Works



List in 6 easy steps

Listing your experience is easy. Just complete your listing, we’ll check everything’s perfect and have you live within 24hrs.

It’s all in the details

Customers search for yoga experiences that meet their needs, so be sure to make your listing comprehensive, detailed and engaging.

Pictures tell the full story

Great photos of a yoga space, accommodation, yogis, teachers, food and location are important for customers to fully connect with your experience.


Manage & Promote

Customer Enquiries

Send and receive communication on Glomad’s messaging system to answer any customer enquiries.

Promote & Share

As well as being shared with the Glomad community, you can share your experience on websites, social media and email.

Manage Attendees

Track customer payments, view attendee lists and monitor sales.


Complete & Get Paid

Automated reminder emails

Customers are automatically reminded on email about their booked experiences 48hrs before they start.

Payout directly to your account

Payouts are released 24hrs after your experience end date to be paid into your nominated bank or Paypal account.

Experience feedback

We value your customer’s opinions and actively seek their feedback to assist you with future experiences.

Simple Pricing

There is no charge for listing and taking bookings for free experiences on Glomad. For all other experiences listing is free with no monthly subscriptions or set-up fees.

Free Experiences Free to list + no booking fees
Paid Experiences
Listing fee Free
Service fee 10% of ticket price
Transaction fee 2.5% of ticket price